Driver's Education


1. A student must be enrolled in a Driver Education class her at Crete-Monee High School. (see School Policy on qualifications to take Driver Education)

2. Pay either a $150.00 fee or verify for fee waived = for Behind-the-Wheel (Driving) lessons.

  • Pay the $150.00 fee at the Main Office at the High School. (pay either cash or check – payable to Crete-Monee High School)
  • If you qualify for school waiver fees – you must bring the proper papers to the Main Office of the High School for verification.

3.   After you either paid or qualified for the waiver fee for the Behind-the-Wheel part of the Driver Education program – you will be given a receipt from the Main Office. This receipt must be turned in to one of the Driver Education Instructors at the High School. 

4. When the proper receipt is turned in to a Driver Education Instructor at school – the student will receive the following:

  • An (Illinois State Copy) Application Form for a Learner’s Permit.
  • An information sheet on how to complete the Application Form for a Learner’s Permit.
  • A list of official and proper identification items and fee, to bring to any State DMV facility.
  • A List of Tests that the student will have to take at any State DMV facility.

5. When the student feels that he/she is ready for a Learner’s Permit, he/she must do the following.

  • Have parent/guardian take them to any State DMV facility. 
  • Have the correctly completed Application Form for Learner’s Permit.
  • Have correct and proper identifications and fee.
  • Be prepared to take Rules of the Road Test and Vision Test at the State DMV facility.

6. After receiving the Learner’s Permit – the student MUST BRING IT IN TO SHOW one of the Driver Education Instructors at the High School. The Instructor will collect the Learner’s Permit Receipt part of the Learner’s Permit and will file in school records until the student completes the Behind-the-Wheel portion of the program. Then the following will take place:

  • The student will be asked what times he/she will be available to take driving lessons.
  • The student will be asked for a phone number to be contacted by an Instructor when their name comes up to start driving lessons
  • The student will be given a State 50 Hour Driving Log Sheet for recording driving times with parent/guardian. 

7. The student is now placed on the Driving List. When the student’s name comes up to the top of the List, the student will be contacted by an Instructor on the date, time, and where to meet for Driving Lessons. 

*NOTE* The Driving List is based on first come first served on turning in the Learner’s Permit (Receipt Part) to be recorded on the Driving List and NOT by age. It will also depend on when the student is available to drive as well. 


1. A student must have his/her Learner’s Permit and be on the Driving List at the High School. 
(see “Steps to Obtain a Learner’s Permit” sheet) 

2. When the student’s name gets to the top of the Driving List – the following will take place:

  • The student will be assigned a Driving Instructor and will be contacted by the Instructor.
  • A Driving Lesson will be arranged (based on the information the student gave when turning in their Learner’s Permit Receipt) on what date, time and where to meet to drive. Most of the Driving Lessons are after school and on weekends. There are limited time slots during the school day based on a student’s schedule.

3. After the 1st driving lesson, the Instructor will arrange other lessons (dates/times) with the student. *NOTE* It is the student’s responsibility to show up for their scheduled Driving Lessons. It is the student’s responsibility to contact their Driving Instructor or Mr. Scheive - 2 hours in advance explaining why they cannot meet - to be excused. The reason for this is – so that the Instructor has time to possibly arrange another student to drive in that time slot and not be wasted. The Instructor will contact the student in advance if he/she cannot make the driving lesson.

  • A student is allowed to miss one (1) Unexcused Driving Lesson with no penalty.
  • If a student has a second (2nd) Unexcused Driving Lesson, he/she will be moved back to the bottom of the Driving List. He/she will have to wait again until their name comes up to the top to continue where they left off on Driving Lessons.

4. When a student is scheduled to drive = he/she must:

  • Have their Learner’s Permit with them.
  • Have any proper restrictions if required on Learner’s Permit (example= glasses).
  • Have proper foot wear to drive. (no flip-flops, bare feet, or high type of heels)
  • Be on time for a Lesson – no more than 5 minutes late. The Instructor does not have to wait.
  • If a student does not have required items to drive or is late – it will count as an UNEXECUSED LESSON.

5. A student may have to present their State’s 50 Hour Driving Log Sheet to either their Instructor or to Mr. Scheive to verify that there has been at least five (5) or more hours of practice driving time with the student’s parent/guardian before continuing Driving Lessons. The Instructor will contact the parent/guardian and explain the reasons why and what skills to work on. This may also be the case if the student completes the required amount of lessons, but the Instructor does not feel the student is skilled yet to drive safely. Parents/guardians have to cooperate and be part of their child’s learning experience to drive safely. 

6. A student will not be allowed to take Driving Lessons if he/she is on the school’s Social Suspension List during the school year. They will be allowed to drive during the Summer Program. 

( In Illinois under the age of 18 years old ) 

1. A student must:

  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Have a valid Learner’s Permit for at least nine (9) months (and one day). 
    (example = if a student was issued his/her Learner’s Permit on 09-15-11 
    The first time eligible to go for their Driver’s License would be 06-16-12
  • Completed a State 50 Hour Driving Log Sheet – signed by a parent/guardian.

2. A student must have completed and pass the State’s two (2) parts of an approved Driver Education Program. These two (2) parts are:

  • A Classroom Part which consists of a minimum of 30 hours of instruction.
  • A Driving Part (Behind-the-Wheel) a minimum of six (6) hours. 
    *Note* The completion (grades) of the student’s two (2) parts of their Driver Education Program have to be recorded into the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Secretary of State’s database by the coordinator of the Driver Education Program.

3. When the student is eligible and the parent/guardian feels he/she is ready to get their Driver’s License – just go to any State DMV facility with the following items:

  • Learner’s Permit and 50 Hour Driving Log Sheet.
  • Birth Certificate and Social Security Card and School I.D. Card.
  • A vehicle to take the Driving Road Test – (must meet State requirements)
  • Proof of Insurance for the vehicle being used for the Driving Test.
  • * Notarized affidavit (only if the student’s parent/guardian is NOT going with him/her at the State DMV facility when going for their Driver’s License.
  • ** Cooperative Driver Testing Certificate (Road Test Score Sheet) 
    If the student qualified for this certificate, he/she may be waived from taking the Driving Road Test at the State DMV facility. If the student’s birthday falls on a State spot check day – the student will be required to take the Driving Road Test at the State DMV facility.

To be positive that the student’s Driver Education completion records have been recorded properly, the student should check on-line at the following web-site: 

  • On the top menu bar, click on the “PARENT/STUDENTS” bar from the five (5) categories.
  • Scroll down to the letter “D” area .
  • Then in the letter “D” area – click on the “Driver Education Student License Inquiry” section.
  • Enter the student’s Learner’s Permit number (example = D246-5639-1209 on top of Permit)
  • If the results show “Approved” in green letters, the student is clear to get their Driver’s License.
  • If the results say something else, please contact Mr. Scheive at school
  • The student is NOT cleared to go for a Driver’s License.